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Holdings of Limited Entry Permits, Sablefish Quota Shares, and Halibut Quota Shares Through 1997 and Data on Fishery Gross Earnings.


List of Preparers:

Susan Shirley
Elaine Dinneford
Kurt Schelle
Kurt Iverson
Al Tingley

These reports are available as PDF files (portable document format). You can read and/or print them using Adobe Acrobat. Click here for information on downloading free Adobe Acrobat reader software.

List of Reports

Smaller Communities; Alaska Peninsula:
1. Akutan CFEC Rpt. 98-SPAkutan-N. (PDF file, 37K)
2. Atka CFEC Rpt. 98-SPAtka-N. (PDF file, 39K)
3. Belkofski CFEC Rpt. 98-SPBelkofsk-N. (PDF file, 30K)
4. Chignik CFEC Rpt. 98-SPChignik-N. (PDF file, 40K)
5. Chignik Lake CFEC Rpt. 98-SPChignikK-N. (PDF file, 35K)
6. Chignik Lagoon CFEC Rpt. 98-SPChignikL-N. (PDF file, 41K)
7. Chignik Bay CFEC Rpt. 98-SPChignikB-N. (PDF file, 38K)
8. False Pass CFEC Rpt. 98-SPFalsePas-N. (PDF file, 40K)
9. King Cove CFEC Rpt. 98-SPKingCove-N. (PDF file, 47K)
10. Perryville CFEC Rpt. 98-SPPerryvil-N. (PDF file, 38K)
11. Sand Point CFEC Rpt. 98-SPSandPoin-N. (PDF file, 49K)
12. Ivanof Bay CFEC Rpt. 98-SPIvanofba-N. (PDF file, 39K)
Smaller Communities; Kodiak Island:
13. Akhiok CFEC Rpt. 98-SPAkhiok-N. (PDF file, 38K)
14. Karluk CFEC Rpt. 98-SPKarluk-N. (PDF file, 29K)
15. Larsen Bay CFEC Rpt. 98-SPLarsenBa-N. (PDF file, 40K)
16. Old Harbor CFEC Rpt. 98-SPOldHarbo-N. (PDF file, 43K)
17. Ouzinkie CFEC Rpt. 98-SPOuzinkie-N. (PDF file, 42K)
18. Port Lions CFEC Rpt. 98-SPPortLion-N. (PDF file, 45K)
Smaller Communities: Cook Inlet / Prince William Sound:
19. Chenega CFEC Rpt. 98-SPChenega-N. (PDF file, 32K)
20. Chenega Bay CFEC Rpt. 98-SPChenegaB-N. (PDF file, 35K)
21. English Bay CFEC Rpt. 98-SPEnglishB-N. (PDF file, 38K)
22. Nanwalek CFEC Rpt. 98-SPNanwalek-N. (PDF file, 25K)
23. Ninilchik CFEC Rpt. 98-SPNinilchi-N. (PDF file, 47K)
24. Port Graham CFEC Rpt. 98-SPPortGrah-N. (PDF file, 40K)
25. Seldovia CFEC Rpt. 98-SPSeldovia-N. (PDF file, 50K)
26. Tatitlek CFEC Rpt. 98-SPTatitlek-N. (PDF file, 34K)
27. Tyonek CFEC Rpt. 98-SPTyonek-N. (PDF file, 30K)


Smaller Communities; Southeast:


28. Angoon CFEC Rpt. 98-SPAngoon-N. (PDF file, 41K)
29. Craig CFEC Rpt. 98-SPCraig-N. (PDF file, 47K)
30. Elfin Cove CFEC Rpt. 98-SPElfinCov-N. (PDF file, 42K)
31. Hoonah CFEC Rpt. 98-SPHoonah-N. (PDF file, 47K)
32. Hydaburg CFEC Rpt. 98-SPHydaburg-N. (PDF file, 41K)
33. Kake CFEC Rpt. 98-SPKake-N. (PDF file, 42K)
34. Kasaan CFEC Rpt. 98-SPKasaan-N. (PDF file, 30K)
35. Klawock CFEC Rpt. 98-SPKlawock-N. (PDF file, 42K)
36. Klukwan CFEC Rpt. 98-SPKlukwan-N. (PDF file, 29K)
37. Metlakatla CFEC Rpt. 98-SPMetlakat-N. (PDF file, 44K)
38. Pelican CFEC Rpt. 98-SPPelican-N. (PDF file, 49K)
39. Saxman CFEC Rpt. 98-SPSaxman-N. (PDF file, 29K)
40. Yakutat CFEC Rpt. 98-SPYakutat-N. (PDF file, 46K)


Larger Communities:


41. Cordova CFEC Rpt. 98-SPCordova-N. (PDF file, 55K)
42. Haines CFEC Rpt. 98-SPHaines-N. (PDF file, 48K)
43. Homer CFEC Rpt. 98-SPHomer-N. (PDF file, 68K)
44. Kenai CFEC Rpt. 98-SPKenai-N. (PDF file, 57K)
45. Ketchikan CFEC Rpt. 98-SPKetchika-N. (PDF file, 59K)
46. Kodiak CFEC Rpt. 98-SPKodiak-N. (PDF file, 67K)
47. Juneau CFEC Rpt. 98-SPJuneau-N. (PDF file, 62K)
48. Petersburg CFEC Rpt. 98-SPPetersbu-N. (PDF file, 62K)
49. Seward CFEC Rpt. 98-SPSeward-N. (PDF file, 56K)
50. Sitka CFEC Rpt. 98-SPSitka-N. (PDF file, 60K)
51. Valdez CFEC Rpt. 98-SPValdez-N. (PDF file, 48K)
52. Whittier CFEC Rpt. 98-SPWhittier-N. (PDF file, 40K)
53. Wrangell CFEC Rpt. 98-SPWrangell-N. (PDF file, 49K)
54. Unalaska CFEC Rpt. 98-SPUnalaska-N. (PDF file, 52K)


Summary Reports for Community Groups:


55. Alaska Peninsula Subgroup of Smaller GOA Communities CFEC Rpt. 98-SPAkpen-N. (PDF file, 55K)
56. Kodiak Island Subgroup of Smaller GOA Communities CFEC Rpt. 98-SPKodis-N. (PDF file, 50K)
57. Cook Inlet / Prince William Sound Subgroup of Smaller GOA Communities CFEC Rpt. 98-SPCipws-N. (PDF file, 56K)
58. Southeast Subgroup of Smaller GOA Communities CFEC Rpt. 98-SPSe-N. (PDF file, 60K)
59. Smaller GOA Communities CFEC Rpt. 98-SPSgoa-N. (PDF file, 76K)
60. Larger GOA Communities CFEC Rpt. 98-SPLgoa-N. (PDF file, 91K)

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