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(1) See 50 CFR 679.40(a). The 20,000 pounds is actually a hypothetical IFQ based on 1994 TACs and the amount of QS outstanding on October 17, 1994. The halibut QS equivalent calculated for this blocking limit will be worth different amounts of IFQ from year-to-year as TACs and the QS outstanding change.

(2) Originally the QS in a block could not be broken up for leasing purposes. This regulation was changed in 1996 to allow the IFQ associated with blocked QS to be leased. See Chapter 5 on leases.

(3) The original sweep-up limit was 1,000 pounds. In April 1996 the NPFMC approved an amendment that increased the sweep-up limit to 3,000 pounds. This regulation is now incorporated into 50 CFR 679.41(e).(2). The 3,000 pounds of hypothetical IFQ was based upon 1996 TACs for an area and the QS pool as of January 31, 1996. The revised regulation translates the rule into a specific amount of QS units for each halibut area. It became effective in December, 1996 and hence had little impact on the 1995 and 1996 seasons.

(4) The CDQ regulations are contained in 50 CFR 679.30 and 50 CFR 679.31(b) and(c). The provisions for CDQ compensation are contained in 50 CFR 679.41(j).

(5) See 50 CFR 679.41(i).

(6) See 50 CFR 679.41 (j)(3)

(7) See 679.41.(i).(2).