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Muse, Ben. 1990. "Permit Values and Dynamic Stocks." A paper presented at the workshop on "Exploring a Multidisciplinary Approach to Fisheries Management Research" held in Fairbanks, Alaska on October 2, 1990. Alaska Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission. October, 1990. 13pp.


This paper presents a simulation of a 25% hypothetical increase in pink salmon production in Southeastern Alaska. The increase causes a fall in the price of pink salmon both in Southeastern Alaska and the rest of the state. Using an estimated price flexibility of -0.82, gross earning and limited entry permit values increase in Southeastern Alaska, while gross earnings and limited entry permit values decrease in the rest of the state where production is assumed to remain unchanged. Statewide fishing earnings increase, and the increase in permit values in Southeastern Alaska more than offset decreases in permit values in the rest of the state. These forecasts are made using permit pricing models previously developed by the author.