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Dinneford, E., K. Iverson, B. Muse, and K. Schelle. 1998. "Changes Under Alaska's Halibut IFQ Program, 1995 to 1997"


This study uses NMFS-RAM administrative data and other ancillary data to analyze the first three years of the halibut individual fishing quota (IFQ) program in Alaska. The topics covered in the report include basic data on the extent of consolidation of quota share (QS) holdings, the volume of permanent QS transfers; QS prices; the volume of seasonal QS lease transfers, and IFQ lease prices.

The report highlights the importance of several special features of the IFQ program and provides an extensive overview of changes in the geographic distribution of QS holdings. The report includes summary data on permanent transfers including the amount of QS transferred as sales, gifts, and trades; the relationships between the transferors and transfer recipients; and the finance methods used in sales transfers. The report investigates changes in the distribution of QS by person-type, changes in the distribution of QS between initial QS recipients and new entrants, and changes in halibut harvest and delivery patterns. The report also provides information on the consolidation of IFQ permit holders onto single vessel operations and on the under harvest of IFQ during the 1995 to 1997 fishing seasons.