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Schelle, Kurt, B. Muse, and K. Iverson. Draft For Secretarial Review: Environmental Assessment/Regulatory Impact Review/Initial Regulatory Flexibility Analysis for "The Sitka Block" Proposed Amendment and "The Full/Partial Block" Proposed Amendment and "The Modified Block" Proposed Amendment to the Individual Fishing Quota Management Alternative for Fixed Gear Sablefish and Halibut Fisheries - Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands. December 17, 1993.


This final draft report for Secretarial Review contains an analysis of the "Modified Block" Proposed Amendment adopted by the Council at their September 1993 meeting. It also contains the analyses of the Sitka Block and Full/Partial Block alternatives covered in the earlier reports. An executive summary is included to compare and contrast the different block proposals.

These analyses were prepared at the request of the State of Alaska for the North Pacific Fishery Management Council. It extends an earlier Discussion Draft report and provides EA/RIR/IRFA analyses of the alternatives.

The June 1993 report provided a draft report for the Council's review. At the June 1993 NPFMC meeting in Kodiak, the council voted to send the analyses out for public review. The July 1993 draft report for public review extensively edited and revised the June 1993 report. The December 17, 1993 includes an analysis of the "modified block proposal" adopted by the Council at its June 1993 meeting.