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Carlson, S. and K. Schelle. 2002. "2002 Survey of Bristol Bay Salmon Drift Gillnet Fishery Permit Holders: Survey Methodology and Implementation Procedures." CFEC Rpt. 02-5N


In 2002, the Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission's research staff conducted a survey of Bristol Bay salmon drift gillnet permit holders to obtain data on investments, operating costs, and net returns for a study of the optimum number of permits for the fishery. The survey also obtained information on other fishery related topics, including the outlook for the future and attitudes toward permit buyback.

This report provides a succinct review of the survey methodology and implementation procedures. The paper includes a discussion of the sampling frame, the selection of a sample size, and the method of drawing the simple random sample. In addition, the paper includes a discussion of the survey response rate, sources of potential error, and comparisons with ancillary data to help evaluate the representativeness of the sample. The design of the survey instrument and the implementation procedures were based upon Dr. Don Dillman's "Tailored Design Method." This paper includes a thorough discussion of these procedures and the appendices include copies of all of the survey materials that were utilized.

The paper includes appendices with copies of letters used to contact survey recipients and a copy of the 20-page questionnaire.