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Schelle, K., S. Carlson, and N. Free-Sloan. 2002. "Chignik Salmon Purse Seine Fishery: Summary Data on Issues Related to the 2002 Cooperative Fishery." CFEC Report 02-6N.


This report was prepared at the request of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) for the December 2002 meeting of the Alaska Board of Fisheries. In early 2002, the Alaska Board of Fisheries passed regulations allowing for a cooperative fishery within the Chignik Salmon Purse Seine Fishery. During the 2002 fishery, 77 permit holders joined the cooperative fishery, and each was allocated 0.9% of a share of the total sockeye harvest in the fishery. This amounted to allocating 69.3% of the sockeye harvest to the cooperative. The 22 persons who did not join the cooperative shared the implicit residual allocation of 30.7% of the harvest to the "open" fishery. ADF&G managed the fishery to achieve the allocations. This report looks at the historic distribution of harvests by both 2002 cooperative members and participants in the 2002 open fishery. For 2002 open fishery participants, harvests in 2002 are compared to historic harvests in the fishery. The report also examines participation in other fisheries by Chignik salmon purse seine permit holders during the Chignik salmon season. Fishing activity in 2002 is compared with activity during the 1992-2001 period. Lastly, the impact of the 2002 cooperative on permit transfer activity and on the market value of permits in the fishery is discussed.