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Carlson, Stefanie. 2002. "Multiple Area Participation Patterns in Alaska Roe Herring Fisheries: Implications for Alaska Salmon?" CFEC Rpt. 02-7N.


Roe herring permit areas in Alaska stretch from Southeastern Alaska to the Bering Sea, much like the Alaska salmon fisheries. Among nonexclusive roe herring fisheries, fishing operations are able to participate in an unlimited number of permit areas. Analysis of the activity of vessels with commercial landings in multiple roe herring permit areas over the 1994 through 2000 period reveals that vessels in the gillnet fisheries have fished as many as three permit areas in one year and vessels in the seine fisheries have fished as many as five permit areas in one year. As much as 40% of the gillnet fleet and 27% of the seine fleet have made landings in more than one permit area in a year. This study may provide some insight to the level of fleet reduction that would occur if the currently enforced exclusive salmon net area registration requirements were eliminated.