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Muse, Ben. 1990. "Permit Values and Fish Stocks". This is a revised version of a paper prepared for the workshop on "Exploring a Multidisciplinary Approach to Fisheries Management Research" held in Fairbanks, Alaska, on Oct. 2, 1990. CFEC Report Number 90-9. Alaska Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission. Oct. 1990. 13pp.


A model of Alaska limited entry permit prices is used to study the hypothetical impact on permit prices in the Alaska salmon seine, drift gill net, and power troll fisheries, of a hypothetical 25 % annual increase in the landings of pink salmon in the Southeast salmon purse seine fishery. It is estimated that the 1989 average annual permit value in the southeast salmon seine fishery would have increased by approximately $9700. The total value of all the permits in the fishery would have increased by $4,000,000. These increases in the value of the Southeast salmon seine permit would have been accompanied, ceteris paribus, with a decrease in the value of salmon permits elsewhere in the state. The largest estimated decrease in a permit's average value occurred in the Prince William Sound salmon seine fishery where a decline in value of approximately $5500 was predicted.