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Shirley, Susan, K. Schelle, and Elaine Dinneford. 1992. "Potential Impacts Of Allowing Older Hand Trollers to Convert Their Permits to Non-Transferable Power Troll Permits." CFEC Report 92-1. Alaska Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission.


This study was requested by an Alaskan legislator. The report evaluates the potential impacts of a proposal which would allow handtrollers who are 62 years of age or older to convert their handtroll permits to nontransferable power troll permits. An Alaskan legislator requested the study. The report's main concern is with estimating the increase in power troll participation and overall troll fishing capacity which would occur should the proposal be enacted into law. The report concludes that nontransferable handtroll permits are the most likely candidates for conversion. Estimates of the increase in power troll permits vary in the report depending upon the natural mortality rate, changes in forfeiture rates, and conversion rates.