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Schelle, K., B. Muse, and K. Iverson. 1992. "Southeastern Alaska Roe Herring Purse Seine Fishery - Optimum Number Report". CFEC Report 92-2. Alaska Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission. (Available for $10 per copy).


This report presents the results of a study to determine the optimum number of permits in the Southeastern Alaska roe herring purse seine fishery. The Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission was ordered to determine optimum numbers under AS 16.43.290 by the Alaska Supreme Court in its decision in Johns v. State, CFEC, 758 P.2d 1256 (Alaska 1988). The statutes require the commission to choose an optimum number which represents a reasonable balance of three general standards which deal with a range of economic, conservation, and manageability concerns.

The report considers each standard separately. It includes a history of the regulatory development of the fishery, historical data and statistics on fishery performance, estimates of historical costs and returns in the fishery, forecasts of future returns in the fishery, and a detailed background discussion of conservation concerns. The report recommends that an optimum number falling in the 44 to 50 permit range would represent a reasonable balance of the three standards.