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Dinneford, E. 1995. "Area M Salmon Permit Holders By Combinations of Permits Held 1975-1994." CFEC 95-3N. January, 1995. 3pp.


This report was prepared at the request of the Alaska Board of Fisheries. The report examines the expansion of effort in the Alaska Peninsula-Aleutian Islands salmon fisheries after entry limitation. At initial issuance, many persons qualified for permits in more than one of the three fisheries (seine, set net, and drift net) as many persons had fished with different gear- types at different points of time during a year prior to limited entry. After limited entry, as permits became more valuable, persons who held multiple permits tended to sell some of them and concentrate their efforts in one gear type. As a result, the number of permit holders and full-time fishing operations expanded even though the number of permits remained relatively constant. This report documents this process by providing detailed tables on the changes that have occurred over time.