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Dinneford, E. and A. Tingley. 1995. "Kodiak (Area K) Salmon Permit Holders By Combination Of Permits Held, 1975-1994." CFEC 95-8N. 3pp.


This report was prepared at the request of the Alaska Board of Fisheries. It examines changes in the holdings of salmon permits for multiple gear types in the Kodiak area from initial issuance through year-end 1994. The report shows that Kodiak did not have large numbers of persons receiving salmon permits for more than one gear-type at initial issuance, as most persons fished with only one gear-type prior to initial issuance. Thus Kodiak did not experience the same increase in participants after initial issuance as occurred in the Alaska Peninsula. Nevertheless, the small number of persons who hold salmon permits for more than one gear-type in the Kodiak area has declined over the time period.