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Dinneford, Elaine. 1996. "Preliminary 1995 Summary Data On The Halibut And Sablefish IFQ Programs: With Special Emphasis On The Sitka Census Area." CFEC Rpt. 96-3 4pp.


This was a special report prepared for the NMFS-RAM Division for a presentation at the "Future of The Fisheries" seminar held at the Centennial Building in Sitka, AK on March 8-9, 1995. The report uses NMFS-RAM data to report QS holdings by regulatory area and resident-type at initial issuance and at year-end 1995. The main resident types were Alaskan and Non-Alaskan. The Sitka Census Area was also included in the report as a sub-category. The report includes separate tables for both sablefish and halibut and provides some information on the degree of consolidation of QS holdings in the first year of the program.