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Muse, Ben. 1991. "Fishing Permit Prices and Management Rents In Alaska Salmon Fisheries". A draft paper prepared for the June-July, 1991 meetings of the Western Economics Association in Seattle, Washington. 19pp.


Analysts can use models of limited entry permit prices to make estimates of management rents in fisheries flowing from policy decisions. There are important limitations to this approach, since it provides no information on rents to superior skill or lower opportunity costs in the fishery, or on short term rents earned by crew members. A permit price model is used to study the impact on management rents of a 25% increase in gross revenues in the Southeast Alaska salmon seine fishery in the mid-eighties. This would have had a very small net impact on statewide salmon management rents accruing to permit holders, however, it may have provided an increase in short term rents to crew members.