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Schelle, Kurt and Ben Muse. 1989. "License Programs Under Alaska's Limited Entry Statutes: Policy Decisions Under Statutory Constraints." Presented at the 119th Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society, Anchorage, Alaska. September 1989. 33pp (FY90) CFEC Report No. 89-10.


Alaska's statutes provide for a relatively specific license type limited entry program. The statutes and court decisions constrain the process and reduce the range of policy options available with respect to program design. Nevertheless, the commission still has a range of regulatory decisions to consider.

This paper examines some of the features of Alaska's limited entry statutes and some policy issues which arise with respect to implementation. The paper outlines the types of data, information, and analyses which can be brought to bear upon particular issues. The paper includes a discussion of some policy issues related to portions of the statutes which have yet to be implemented.