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Iverson, K. 2001. "The Kodiak District Tanner Crab (Chinoecetes bairdi) Fishery, 1985 to 2001." CFEC Rpt. 01-4N


This document reviews the Kodiak District Tanner crab fishery, emphasizing the years 1985 to 2001. It presents a summary of harvest and earnings data, participation data, vessel ownership, and vessel characteristics data. The report also reviews fishery regulations and ADFG management strategies. The Kodiak District Tanner crab fishery occurred every year from 1967 to 1994. Harvests over this time period averaged slightly more than 12 million pounds per year. Following several years of poor crab recruitment and harvests, the fishery was closed in 1995. The fishery re-opened in January 2001 in the Northeast and Eastside Sections of the Kodiak District, with a combined guideline harvest level of 500,000 pounds. One hundred fifty-five permit holders recorded landings in the 2001 fishery. Data for this report were derived primarily from the Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission's fish ticket, permit holder, and vessel license databases.