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Carlson, Stefanie. 2002. "2002 Survey of Bristol Bay Salmon Drift Gillnet Fishery Permit Holders: Preliminary Summary of Responses." CFEC Rpt. 02-4N


The Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (CFEC) conducted a survey of permit holders in the Bristol Bay salmon drift gillnet fishery in 2002. The purpose of the survey was to collect data needed to determine an optimum number of permits for the fishery. By law, an optimum number determination is required before the state can consider establishing a voluntary buy-back program to reduce the size of the fishing fleet. A sample of 440 (1 in 4 permit holders) was randomly drawn and surveyed by mail using a printed questionnaire. Three hundred ten surveys were completed and returned, for an overall response rate of 70.5%. This report offers a preliminary summary of data obtained from survey respondents. The survey data will also be used by the CFEC in the optimum number study, expected to be complete in 2003.