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1995 Annual Report *

Table of Contents

Organization by Agency Function
Major Decisions/Activities Affecting Agency Operations
Administrative Proceedings and Decisions
Judicial Rulings and Appeals
Commission Efforts to Help Individual Fishers in Financial Crisis
Declining Permit Numbers
Permit Transfers
Number of Emergency Transfers in 1995
Multiple Transfers During a Season
Permanent Transfers
Licenses Issued for 1995
Licensing Field Office Activities
New Amendment to the Limited Entry Act
New Limitations
Southeast Herring Spawn-on-Kelp Pound Fisheries
Southeast Alaska Dungeness Crab Pot, Ring Net and Dive Fisheries
Prince William Sound Sablefish Fisheries
Southeast Alaska Pot Shrimp Fishery
Point System Proposals
Optimum Numbers and Fleet Reductions
Other Projects, Reports, and Publications
CFEC Revenue
Table 1. Permit and Permit Transfer Statistics, 1975-1995
Table 2. Loans Made by the Department of Commerce and Economic Development for the Purchase of Entry Permits by Election District
Employee List of Names and Internet Addresses

* Pursuant to AS 16.43.980, this report is the Commission's annual report to the legislature.

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