Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission
Employee List of Names and Internet Addresses


Frank Glass Adjudications Project Leader
David A. Ingram Hearing Officer III
Jesse Walters Hearing Officer II
Jim Bowen Hearing Officer I
Joyce James Hearing Officer I
Susan Haymes Law Specialist
Karen Wells Managing Paralegal
Dorothy Frary Paralegal II
Beccy Kalwara Commission Secretary II
Sandi Thomas Publication Specialist


Roger Kolden Data Processing Project Leader
Mark Neyhart Analyst Programmer V
Dale Wygant Analyst Programmer IV
Don Huntsman Analyst Programmer V
Nancy Free-Sloan Analyst Programmer III
Susan Burns Analyst Programmer I
Ted Fosket Administrative Officer


Christine Kelly Licensing Project Leader
Elerene McClure Transfer Technician II
Dawn Jackson Assistant Project Leader
Pamela Reed Transfer Technician I
Karil Miller Transfer Trainee I
Lucy Perreard Com. Fish Permit Clerk III
Yvonne Miller Receptionist/Permit Clerk I
Jackie Audap Com. Fish Permit Clerk II


Kurt Schelle Research & Planning Project Leader
Ben Muse Economist III
Elaine Dinneford Research Analyst III
Kurt Iverson Research Analyst III
Al Tingley Research Analyst III
Susan Shirley Research Analyst III

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