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Shirley, S., E. Dinneford, A. Tingley, K. Iverson, and K. Schelle. 1999.
Holdings of Limited Entry Permits, Sablefish Quota Shares, and Halibut Quota Shares Through 1998 and Data on Fishery Gross Earnings  Abstract

Smaller Communities; Alaska Peninsula:
1. Akutan CFEC Rpt. 99-Akutan-SN. (PDF , 126K)
2. Atka CFEC Rpt. 99-Atka-SN. (PDF , 130K)
3. Chignik Area CFEC Rpt. 99-Chignik area-SN. (PDF , 134K)
4. False Pass CFEC Rpt. 99-False Pass-SN. (PDF , 129K)
5. King Cove and Belkofski CFEC Rpt. 99-King Cove-SN. (PDF , 138K)
6. Perryville CFEC Rpt. 99-Perryville-SN. (PDF , 128K)
7. Sand Point CFEC Rpt. 99-Sand Point-SN. (PDF , 136K)
8. Ivanof Bay CFEC Rpt. 99-Ivanof Bay-SN. (PDF , 129K)

Smaller Communities; Kodiak Island:
9. Akhiok CFEC Rpt. 99-Akhiok-SN. (PDF , 128K)
10. Karluk CFEC Rpt. 99-Karluk-SN. (PDF , 120K)
11. Larsen Bay CFEC Rpt. 99-Larsen Bay-SN. (PDF , 130K)
12. Old Harbor CFEC Rpt. 99-Old Harbor-SN. (PDF , 142K)
13. Ouzinkie CFEC Rpt. 99-Ouzinkie-SN. (PDF , 143K)
14. Port Lions CFEC Rpt. 99-Port Lions-SN. (PDF , 133K)

Smaller Communities; Cook Inlet / Prince William Sound:
15. Chenega and Chenega Bay CFEC Rpt. 99-Chenega and Chenega Bay-SN. (PDF , 126K)
16. Nanwalek/English Bay CFEC Rpt. 99-Nanwalek/English Bay-SN. (PDF , 131K)
17. Ninilchik CFEC Rpt. 99-Ninilchik-SN. (PDF , 135K)
18. Port Graham CFEC Rpt. 99-Port Graham-SN. (PDF , 129K)
19. Seldovia CFEC Rpt. 99-Seldovia-SN. (PDF , 138K)
20. Tatitlek CFEC Rpt. 99-Tatitlek-SN. (PDF , 124K)
21. Tyonek CFEC Rpt. 99-Tyonek-SN. (PDF , 120K)

Smaller Communities; Southeast:
22. Angoon CFEC Rpt. 99-Angoon-SN. (PDF , 140K)
23. Craig CFEC Rpt. 99-Craig-SN. (PDF , 147K)
24. Elfin Cove CFEC Rpt. 99-Elfin Cove-SN. (PDF , 142K)
25. Hoonah CFEC Rpt. 99-Hoonah-SN. (PDF , 145K)
26. Hydaburg CFEC Rpt. 99-Hydaburg-SN. (PDF , 141K)
27. Kake CFEC Rpt. 99-Kake-SN. (PDF , 144K)
28. Kasaan CFEC Rpt. 99-Kasaan-SN. (PDF , 120K)
29. Klawock CFEC Rpt. 99-Klawock-SN. (PDF , 133K)
30. Klukwan CFEC Rpt. 99-Klukwan-SN. (PDF , 120K)
31. Metlakatla CFEC Rpt. 99-Metlakatla-SN. (PDF , 136K)
32. Pelican CFEC Rpt. 99-Pelican-SN. (PDF , 147K)
33. Saxman CFEC Rpt. 99-Saxman-SN. (PDF , 120K)
34. Yakutat CFEC Rpt. 99-Yakutat-SN. (PDF , 135K)

Larger Communities:
35. Cordova CFEC Rpt. 99-Cordova-SN. (PDF , 152K)
36. Haines CFEC Rpt. 99-Haines-SN. (PDF , 147K)
37. Homer Area CFEC Rpt. 99-Homer area-SN. (PDF , 163K)
38. Kenai Area CFEC Rpt. 99-Kenai area-SN. (PDF , 155K)
39. Ketchikan Area CFEC Rpt. 99-Ketchikan area-SN. (PDF , 158K)
40. Kodiak Area CFEC Rpt. 99-Kodiak area-SN. (PDF , 163K)
41. Juneau Area CFEC Rpt. 99-Juneau area-SN. (PDF , 150K)
42. Petersburg CFEC Rpt. 99-Petersburg-SN. (PDF , 160K)
43. Seward CFEC Rpt. 99-Seward-SN. (PDF , 144K)
44. Sitka Area CFEC Rpt. 99-Sitka area-SN. (PDF , 148K)
45. Valdez CFEC Rpt. 99-Valdez-SN. (PDF , 137K)
46. Whittier CFEC Rpt. 99-Whittier-SN. (PDF , 132K)
47. Wrangell CFEC Rpt. 99-Wrangell-SN. (PDF , 142K)
48. Unalaska and Dutch Harbor CFEC Rpt. 99-Unalaska and Dutch Harbor-SN. (PDF , 140K)

Summary Reports for Community Groups:
49. Alaska Peninsula Subgroup of Smaller GOA Communities CFEC Rpt. 99-Alaska Peninsula-SN. (PDF , 152K)
50. Kodiak Island Subgroup of Smaller GOA Communities CFEC Rpt. 99-Kodiak Island-SN. (PDF , 148K)
51. Cook Inlet / Prince William Sound Subgroup of Smaller GOA Communities CFEC Rpt. 99-Cook Inlet/Prince William Sound-SN. (PDF , 156K)
52. Southeast Subgroup of Smaller GOA Communities CFEC Rpt. 99-Southeast-SN. (PDF , 150K)
53. Smaller GOA Communities CFEC Rpt. 99-SGOA Communities-SN. (PDF , 162K)
54. Larger GOA Communities CFEC Rpt. 99-LGOA Communities-SN. (PDF , 187K)