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The Commission’s Information Technology section regularly produces standard data tables with information pertaining to fisheries, permits and vessels. Data tables with information about commercial and charter (sport) vessels are shown below. The left column indicates the name of the data table and the right column is a brief description of the data and possible selection criteria.

Vessel Characteristics & Statistics by Year, State, Census Area, or Alaskan City


Vessel characteristics are summarized by Alaskan city, Alaskan Census Area, or state in which the owner resides. Summary information includes the count and percentage of vessels by hull material, engine type, refrigeration status, types of activity, and gear. Averages by selected geography are also provided for vessel characteristics such as age, capacity, length, and length by hull material.

To view the tables, start by selecting a year below. Once in a table you can view information for other years without returning to this menu.

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