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10 Changes in the Distribution of Sablefish QS by State

Tables 10-1 and 10-2 show how the distribution of sablefish QS holdings changed by US state from initial issuance through year-end 1996. The state of residence for QS holders is based upon NMFS-RAM Division records of current mailing addresses.1

At both initial issuance and at the end of 1996, persons from Washington held the highest percentage of QS in all IFQ areas except Southeast. By the end of 1996, Washington residents had slightly increased their QS holdings in the West Yakutat and Central Gulf areas, and had shown slight decreases of QS holdings in all other areas.

The percentage of QS held by Alaskans in each area at the end of 1996 ranged from 24.7% in the Western Gulf area to 66.1% in the Southeast area. Sablefish QS holdings by Alaska residents have increased slightly in all management areas.

In all areas, the QS holdings of persons from Oregon and other states were small relative to the QS holdings of persons from Washington and Alaska.

Table 10-2 indicates that in the Southeast, West Yakutat, and Central Gulf areas the majority of QS holders were from Alaska, both at initial issuance and at year-end 1996. Nonresidents of Alaska made up the majority of the QS holders in the Western Gulf, Aleutian Islands, and Bering Sea areas at both initial issuance and year-end 1996.

Since initial issuance, the overall number of QS holders has dropped in all areas. With this drop in the number of QS holders there was a corresponding increase in the average size of QS holdings in each IFQ management area for residents of most states.

Average QS holdings vary considerably among persons from different states within a management area. For example, in the West Yakutat area, Alaska residents received average initial allocations of 73,859 QS units, while Oregon residents received average initial allocations of 109,134 QS units, and Washington residents received average initial allocations of 194,861 QS units.

Table 10-1. Initial Allocation and Year-end 1996 QS Holdings by Area and State

Table 10-2. Initial Allocation and Year-end 1996 QS Holders by Area and State