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Please note that ALL information contained in the following links is preliminary, and subject to change as there has not been a final court decision in this case at this time.

Any Carlson class member who held only a nonresident commercial crewmember license and never held a limited entry or interim-use permit between December 13, 1984 and 2004, paid less than the allowable nonresident differential and is therefore not entitled to a refund. The following lists contain the names of individuals that held a nonresident commercial crewmember license between 1988 and 2004 and did not hold a limited entry or interim-use permit. Because the list of names is so large, it has been split into 8 files based on the last name.

Please note, the names listed here reflect information provided on the crewmember license recorded by ADF&G and provided to CFEC. The list may contain errors created by the applicant, or resulting from handwriting interpretation or data entry mistakes.

Each link is a PDF file and will require either a stand alone PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, or a plugin that will allow you to view the PDF within your browser. The files are searchable and are sorted by last name.


Adobe Acrobat PDF files require a free viewer available directly from Adobe.

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